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Baptism with the Strathmore United Church

Baptism is a symbolic action that signifies the new life God gives us as we join the church community. Baptism uses water as a symbolic cleansing that signifies the acceptance of new life within the church family. The sacrament of baptism is the single rite of initiation into the Christian community, the church.

The United Church offers baptism to all ages. We believe the gift of God's love doesn't depend on our ability to understand it, so we baptize people as infants right up through adulthood

With children, instruction is given to parents or sponsors to equip them for the child's Christian nuture. During the ceremony, everyone in the congregation pledges support for the child and his or her parents.

Baptism is not a requirement for God's love. We believe people who die without baptism are in no way condemned, lost, or damned. Baptism in the United Church is recognized by all denominations of the Christian church that practice infant baptism. Similarly, if people have already been baptized in another church, the United Church recognizes their baptism and welcomes them as Christians.


  • Do I have to be a member to have my child baptized at Strathmore United Church?
    No, anyone who wishes to be baptized can request a baptism.
  • What's the difference between baptism, christening, and confirmation?
    A child under the age of consent may be baptized at the request of his/her parent or guardian. When the child reaches the age of understanding, the child is invited to attend confirmation classes, to confirm his/her beliefs. Previously baptised adults may also request confirmation as an affirmation of their faith, or to enter into membership with the United Church. Christening is a ritual at which a child is named.
  • Does my child become a member of the United Church when he/she is baptized?
    No, membership happens at the time of confirmation when your child has reached the age of consent. An adult who is baptised does become a member of the United Church at the time of baptism.
  • Can baptism happen anytime? Any place?
    Baptisms are witnessed by a community of faith, and need to happen during a worship service. You may choose almost any Sunday that is best for you. Baptisms are not normally held during the liturgical seasons of Lent, Advent, or Christmas. These seasons are traditionally times of study and preparation.
  • Do I need to attend classes or receive special instruction before baptism?
    Yes, it is important that the adults who care for a child understand the promises they are making on behalf of the child. The parent(s) or guardian(s) of a child who will be baptized are asked to meet with the minister to learn about the United Church of Canada, and Strathmore United Church. Adults requesting baptism will be asked to attend confirmation classes prior to being baptized.
  • Do I need to attend worship services?
    You are invited to attend worship services at any time, whether or not you are considering baptism. We do ask that you attend worship prior to the baptism so that we can have a chance to get to know one another. Baptism is a ritual which welcomes the one being baptized into the family of God, as experienced through the life and work of this congregation. If you are requesting baptism, but have no intention of participating in the life and work of this congregation, we need to ask: Why are you requesting the baptism?
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