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September 17 Bulletin

♫♪ Hymn Sing:

Welcome and announcements:

♫♪ Centering Song: Take Time to Be Holy *VU #672

Lighting the Christ Candle:

Call to Worship:

L: Come from your busy lives into God’s house of prayer.

P: We are blessed with God’s love.

L: Come away from your worries and responsibilities.

P: We are blessed with God’s grace.

L: Come and be in God, come and be with God.

P: We come to worship God.

♫♪ Hymn: This is the Day *VU #412

Gathering Prayer:

As food for the body, as sun for the leaves, as rain for the earth, so your word is for our lives, nourishing, replenishing, refreshing, and healing. For this we thank you loving God. We come to this place to worship you, with all the cares of our daily living. We bring the burdens and the fears that weigh heavily upon us. We come listening for your call and to feel your healing touch. Hear us as we pray. Amen

Time With the Church Family: Genesis 1: 27-31 Man’s Chances

♫♪ Hymn: All Things Bright and Beautiful *VU #291

Prayer of Illumination:

Open our hearts and minds to the words of your sacred story and help us to live out those words in our own words and deeds and actions, we ask in Jesus name. Amen

Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 1: 4-10 The call of Jeremiah

Luke 13: 10-17 Jesus heals the bent over woman

L: This is the word of our sacred story

P: Thanks be to God.


♫♪ Hymn: Just as I Am * VU #508

Minute for Mission:

The Offering:

♫♪ Sung Dedication: Grant Us, God, the Grace *VU #540

Grant us, God, the grace of giving,

with a spirit large and free,

that ourselves and all our living

we may offer faithfully.

Offering Prayer:

We dedicate these gifts and ourselves to your loving purpose, trusting that with your blessing we will stand up and become the people you would have us be. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer:

♫♪ Hymn: God Says *MV #172


Please consider staying and helping to set up the Thrift Sale tables and items after the service if you are physically able.

Centering VU #672 Take Time to be Holy: Words & Music: Public Domain

Offering VU #540 Grant Us God the Grace of Giving: Words & Music: Public Domain.

VU #412 This Is the Day: Words: (V1 & Music) Public domain. Words (V2 & 3) R. Gerald Hobbs, 1987 Reprinted/Podcast with permission under ONE LICENSE 734505- A. All rights reserved.

VU #291 All Things Bright and Beautiful: Words: Public Domain. Music: Adaptation and Arrangement: J. Curwen & Sons Ltd. Controlled by G. Shirmer Inc. Reprinted/Podcast with permission under ONE LICENSE 734505-A. All rights reserved.

VU #508 Just as I Am: Public Domain.

MV #172 God Says: Words, Music: Mary Brittner 1993. Words &Music: Copyright 2004 by Wayne Leopold Editions Inc. Reprinted/Podcast with permission under ONE LICENSE 734505-A. All rights reserved.

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