Strathmore United Church


Guatemala outreach

Strathmore United Church is a community of faith with a focus on equality, justice, and peace. Our outreach mandate is to financially and prayerfully support the Women in Solidarity Organization (A.M.E.S.) in Guatemala. This organization is under the umbrella of G.A.T.E.-Global Awareness Through Experience.

Rosa Escobar is the director of the Women in Solidarity Organization. Every Sunday workers attend workshops in gender equality, labor and human rights. A.M.E.S. gives training in nurses aides courses. A small hospital gives the women basic health service. Mobile clinics tour the communities where families live and work . A labor court for the workers is in the planning. The group also works in the community giving support and encouragement for social transformation in the greater society. A.M.E.S. has initiated youth programs, recreation as well as education in human rights and health, including sexually transmitted diseases. Legal advocacy if offered to those in trouble.

Rosa says that solidarity is important. She believes that awareness and solidarity strengthens everyone. She urges us to work with civic governments, trade unions, and institutions to demand “sweat-free” products and to support fair trade through purchasing regulations as well as through public education.

A.M.E.S. is a mission project that we as the United Church community chose to finance in part, to communicate with, and to pray for. By taking part in the mission in Guatemala we gain an understanding of our families so far away and their struggles. Any donation no matter how small does great things, and is greatly appreciated. Therefore we gain ownership of the project.

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